Tackling Anxiety, Depression & Overwhelm one step at a time



Do you want someone to listen? And I mean REALLY listen? Imagine having an hour that’s just for you. To talk about everything you are feeling with no judgement, no preconceived ideas.

A space to talk about whatever you want, your baby, other children, your relationship, going back to work, or not, anxiety and intrusive thoughts? I’ve heard it all and more and I’m unshockable.

When we have a baby we can lose our identity. We are no longer the women we were either emotionally and or physically. We have become mothers but that is not all we are. Somewhere buried beneath the nappies, nipples shields, and endless night feeds is the woman we were. She’s still there. She’s just got lost in the overwhelm of becoming a mum and the chemical hormonal party that is raging in our brain. Post-natal depression and post-natal anxiety makes us feel lost. Like we failed. Like the darkness will never lift and that we are unworthy and unfit. Like we will never get better.

But you can get better

Maybe you need to spend your time with me just to have adult conversation that doesn’t revolve around the baby. Maybe you just want to cry or talk about how your partner doesn’t get it or that you don’t want sex anymore and don’t know how to address that. Maybe you are scared by the constant  intrusive thoughts you are having.

It’s your time. It’s about getting to the root of your issues and helping you to overcome them and move forward. To step out of the dark and into the new role of mum that you dreamed of. I can hold your hand and guide you through the process not because I have the skills (I do) but because I’ve been there. I lived it and I got better now I want to help you do the same. Are you ready to take that step with me?