Top ten tips for beating the Jan blues.

Posted on 1st January 2019 by admin

January can be a dark month both literally and metaphorically. The weather is shit, the nights are long, and spring is no where in sight. So, it’s a great month to up the self care. Now let me just say I know its bloody tough to fit in self care when you have small people and your idea of self care is probably having a wee on your own but if you can find time to squeeze in even a few things it can make all the difference to your overall mood.

Below are some tips of things you can do either on your own or with your little ones to help raise your mood and give your self a little happiness boost.

Dance like no one is watching
Music is something I have always found amazing at lifting my mood and studies have shown dancing and singing helps to lift depression and aids insomnia. Listening to music is relaxing and releases dopamine so helps to reduce anxiety. So, stick some tunes as loud as you can with out annoying your neighbours and dance like no one is watching. If you’ve got toddlers ask them to dance with you, if you’ve got babies pop them in the sling and jump around with them.  Check out my facebook page every Tuesday for Tunes on Tuesday for inspiration! Try and it and see how you feel afterwards.

Switch off
And by that, I mean your phone. Using your phone at night time just before going to sleep can interfere with your brains ability to switch off. So, step away from scrolling face book or going down a you tube vortex and try keeping the phone downstairs at bedtime.

Go for a walk
Its amazing the benefits a 30-minute walk in the park can give you. Stick the baby in the pram or a sling and get yourself out side. As you walk try and focus on your five senses. What can you hear, see, smell etc.? It’s a great grounding exercise and makes you focus on the present rather than allowing your thoughts to wander.

Paint your nails
Or do whatever else makes you feel attractive. For me I like a painted nail but after my daughter was born, I just stopped doing it. I didn’t have the time or if I’m honest the inclination. Then one Sunday night I did it. And I remembered how good it felt to look at pretty hands. I felt a little bit like me again. So, one night after your small people are asleep find an hour to either paint your nails or take a bath or put some make on if that’s your thing. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t going anywhere. Its not for any one else but you. It’s a chance to reclaim a small piece of yourself.

Have a think about what makes you the happiest? Or what used to make you happy and try and factor time in to rediscover those things.

Let me know how get on

All love


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Self care is never selfish