Cleaning Checklist

Posted on 19th September 2018 by admin




“We live for the 17 seconds when the laundry basket is empty”

A tidy house leads to a tidy mind right? But we all know that its just not possible to maintain the level of housekeeping we may have done pre children. It’s important to first of all accept that. Accept that things may not be as pristine and as tidy. Secondly try and get into a simple routine.

Daily Tasks – Morning
• Make the beds
• Empty Dish washer (if you have one)
• Clean the kitchen (surfaces sprayed and wiped, floor given a quick mop)
• Wipe bathrooms (keep flushable cleaning wipes in the bath room for speed)
• Plan your day

Daily Tasks – Evening
• Load Dishwasher or wash pots
• Wipe kitchen down
• Wipe bathrooms (do it as your brush your teeth for bed)
• Pick up any clutter
• Put away laundry (or some if not all)
• Quick spot wash of kitchen floor if needed

Each day pick 1 or 2 of these tasks

• Dust house
• Mop house
• Hoover house
• Clean the bathrooms
• Clean the bedrooms
• Clean the kitchen
• Do some de cluttering
• Wash bedding

Remember you are choosing one or two of these daily.

Once a month
• Windows
• Light Fixtures
• Baseboards
• Appliances